One part last-chance love poem and one part idiosyncratic philosophy of
expectation, Oliver Braid’s Christmas Window for Collective provides
the grand finale to his ‘I’ll Look Forward To It’ project, a
multi-stranded investigation into expectation which was his
contribution to the New Work Scotland Programme 2011.
So far the investigation has taken the form of a 10,000 word essay, a
downloadable Skype conversation, a sound piece, a group exhibition
selected by a panel of experts in art and psychology and an evening of
live music.
Throughout this project Oliver has worked with a wide variety of other
artists, musicians, academics and friends. The Christmas window is no
exception and will include creative contributions from Mable Cable,
Amanda Dobbratz, Tom Harrup, Alice Maplesden and Kate Moross.
With hydraulically powered sculptures, large scale collages, vibrant
animations and delicately decorative ceramics Oliver will transform the
two main gallery windows into humongous blinking eyes with a special,
positive, festive message to share with all visitors to Cockburn
Street, Edinburgh. Until 12th January 2012.
// www.collectivegallery.net // www.mablecable.com //
www.ironbbratz.co.uk // www.tomharrup.com //
www.alicemaplesden.co.uk // www.katemoross.com //
Originally commissioned by Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, as part of
New Work Scotland Programme 2011.


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